#OOTD. My fashion style.

This is only my second, official #OOTD post…. ever! (Find my first one here.) 

Since I rarely do these kinda posts, I took a bit of a different approach. 

I collected over 30 #OOTD’s from the last two years in order to analyze my style.  

You know how they say that every picture tells a story. Let’s see what my #OOTD’s tell us about my style.

Here they are in random order:

Sea-blue knitted summer sweater, lavender skinny jeans and my favorite embroidered booties.  Necklaces handmade by me.

1. Long blond curly hair.
As you can see the look of my hair is quite consistent; I basically just let it grow since about 7 or 8 years now. It grows very slowly and having curls makes the length only look less then it in fact is.But never mind, I’m content;-).

I only go to the hairdresser every now and then to have my roots blond-ed.

And I vary my hairdo a lot: loose, pinned up, braided, ponytail, etc.

Black underdress and semi-transparent patterned Empire-waisted dress.

I think my other key style-elements reveal themselves clearly as well. 

2. A simple under-layer with something more loose and long over that to cover up weak spots in my figure.

Floral H&M skirt, black singlet with two different transparent tops and two different belts.

3. Floral patterns, as well as other patterns. But floral patterns the most, I would say.

Green strappie underdress with two different transparent overdresses.

4. Lots of color and  bold color combinations.

The combination in the middle and on the right are some of my favorites of all times. They are very, very me.

5. Accessories, like flowers in my hair or as a brooch. Even on my shoes and boots.
Also earrings, rings, hats and actually all sorts of other accessories.

These three combinations are quite atypical for me. I am not a big fan of black and white neither of red-white-blue. I am more of a pastel color person. I also adore what I call  bright, ‘happy’ colors. Primary colors are not really my thing.
I do like these combos, nevertheless. For a change, every once in a while.

6. A-line dresses, wrap dresses and loose-fit dresses.

7. Skinnies and leggings with longer tops over them.

8. I love the look of heels, but my feet are actually unfit for wearing heels. I wear them for dancing tango, with extra padding and some painkillers to be able to last a bit longer. I also wear them if I am able to avoid having to walk a lot in them.

So sometimes I need to go for sneakers, which I love too. Or flats, that I do not particularly find sexy, but they are sooooo comfortable!

9. My weight fluctuates a bit, the last decades, but in principle I have an apple-shape, which I despise. Fortunately I have learned to deal with it (aka cover it up) pretty good over time;-).

In my heaviest (weight wise) period. With a glimpse of my belated darling cat Guust.
I was able to wear these three combinations in my thinnest hours, when I was very strict in following my diabetes-diet. Since I fell of that wagon (bad girl) I regained 6 kgs AND my apple shape. So these skinnies don’t fit me anymore. Alas!:-(

10. Short skirts.
The short skirts from H&M are so handy and versatile, especially in Singapore’s climate!

I have about 20 of them in all colors. 
Unfortunately they seem to have stopped making them in fun colors. 

And ideally they should be 5 to 10 cm longer for me. 
At my age and with the way my body is changing, I feel that that little extra length would suit me better. But since these skirts simply are not, I make do with what is. And that’s fine. 

Somehow really longer lengths, like knee-length, do not flatter me.

11. Mildly flared jeans.
Flaring jeans flatter me, IMO. 
But I also love colored jeans and unfortunately at the moment all colored jeans and pants in the shops are skinnies. So I reluctantly bought several of those. And succeeded to make them work for me, so that’s fine.

12. Make up. Pretty black around the eyes and red on the lips. Plus nail polish in crazy colors.

I think that it is safe to conclude that I am a ‘More is More’ kinda person and that I do not style myself age-appropriate, I guess.

Look at that, I whipped up 12 style-characteristics! Do you agree with my analysis? Can you distill any other style elements from my OOTD’s?

I am also curious to know which of these looks are your favorites and why. And do you have any style suggestions for me? Things that you think would look good on me?

Oh, and by the way: it’s my birthday today! Hip hip hooray for me!!!
58 years, friends, 58 years….but….feeling only 38 years old inside;-).


  1. says

    Happy Birthday!!! You don’t look a day over 38 either : )

    So fun to see your bright colourful eclectic outfits. I very much enjoy your exuberance in dressing and style. Oh how I would love some of your wonderful full curly locks.

    I think that green outfit with the flared patterned pants and the flower towards the end is my favourite. You look like you walked out of a fashion magazine. Your body looks AMAZING!!!

    Big hugs to you on your birthday. I hope it was awesome!

    PS I just got the lovely little card and packet you sent me. Thanks so much : ) It feels like my birthday!


    • says

      Hahaha… 38, I wish;-)!

      Nice to hear that you like my style.

      My hair is not so great lately, since I am doing a no-poo experiment since 4 to 5 weeks. A more elaborate reportage will follow on Sylvia’s and my own blog in due time. But the short version; it sucks and I am gonna give up.

      The outfit and body that you like so much are unfortunately in the (recent) past. Since I lost all discipline regarding my diabetic diet I regained 6 from the lost 12 kg and can no longer wear the clothes I bought a year ago. Maybe I will find back my discipline; dunno yet:-(.

      My birthday was relaxed and nice with a small group of friends. Got some awesome gifts, so yes, I am happy.

      Glad the package arrived safe and sound;-).

    • says

      My hair is the opposite; dry, dryer, straw!;-) Full reportage will follow in due time, but for now I am so relieved to have my hair back instead of a head topped by straw.

  2. says

    Second time I am trying to comment on this post. First one disappeared as it did not upload.
    I like all your outfits and I think you look great in nearly all of them. You have great taste in combining clothes, shoes and accessories. Of course I like the black and white ones very much but that is because I like b&w so much. Always be careful with comments from others. They usually only reflect what they like for themselves.
    As for your weight… you have me worried now. No discipline in keeping your weight is usually just a matter of choice, what you like more: food or appearance. In your case it is life threatening. You have not forgotten that aspect now have you? May I remind you of the forecast your doctor gave you when he found out you are a diabetic? I hope this little wake-up call gives you back your discipline. From one friend to another.

    • says

      Don’t you just hate it when that happens???!!! (Disappearing comments)

      So nice of you to retry!

      And about sticking to my diet; yes, you are totally right, of course. Point is that so far my doctor’s results were ok, so no scare or incentive there.

      But once back in holland it is time for my check ups and those results will be important. They will maybe motivate me, unless they are fine;-).

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