One year of In Situ Design in Singapore

A year ago, my fashion blogging friend Sylvia received a media invite for the opening of a new luxury furniture shop, named In Situ, and I went along.

The opening was held at the In Situ Design Showroom at 238 River Valley Road, where we (amongst others) met with owner Isabelle Persenda and one of her top designers Eric Ledoigt

They had met in Guatemala where they both lived at the time. Eric still lives and works there, while Isabelle moved to Singapore. Her mission now was to bring Guatemalan artisanal products to Singapore.

Both she and Eric were very enthusiastic about Guatemala and it’s creative vibe. I had no idea of Guatemala as a creative’s hub!

The showroom during the opening for the media.

My friend Sylvia (left) ran into a blogger friend.

Products  In Situ carries are e.g. Ledoight’s Wrinkled Wood collection (mainly tables), but also Guatemalan fabrics, and smaller and larger interior design items. 

Not everything in the shop came or comes from Guatemala though. There are pictures and wall art by American artists.

To celebrate In Situ Singapore’s first year, the shop collaborated with Diseno  for a three day event. 

For the occasion several jewelry designers were invited to bring over their collections and introduce them to Singapore. 

The shop on the first day of the three day event that was held recently.
Wall art.

Some brands that were present during those days were: 

Ken Samudio (from the Phillipines)

Love, love, love his urchin bag! So did Vivienne Westwood, who purchased one when Ken was in London for a show!
Cool! Want! I could take the whole collection;-).

House of Serafina

We had such sweet and interesting talks with the brother and sister (from the Philippines too) that are behind this jewelry brand. Doesn’t she look fab in her Chanel dress?
Gold tones are not really my cup of tea, but it is an exquisite collection.
I DID like their purses!


Could have been fun, but I am a color person and not into all brown or all black and such.

Further there were portuguese (green) wines and olive oils by Alentasia.

We took our sweet time to take in the beautiful collections by the jewelry designers. We especially loved Ken Samudio’s creations and even purchased some necklaces from him.

Sylvia bought this fun necklace. The next day I went back and bought a similar one for a friend and one for myself.
Sylvia also bought this one.

It was lovely to talk to Isabelle and to several of the designers, while sipping the green wine, which was light and refreshing by the way.

Sylvia and Isabelle, owner of In Situ.
Sylvia and me.
I am not a wine drinker (just champagne;-)), but this wine was nice and light.
The canapés looked ever so pretty and tasted yummie!

Happy birthday, In Situ!

And thank you, In Situ and Diseno, for bringing us these designers and wines. It was a lovely event you organized.

We wish you many more celebrations to come!!!

Let’s go out, not with a bang,  but with a close up of one of the magnificent canapé’s. Doesn’t it look mouth-watering?

So what do you think of the furniture, art and jewelry presented in this post? What is your favorite? 

Mine is Ken Samudio, but you already guessed that, right?!;-)


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    Oh… so pretty. Everything is. The furtniture, the lamps, the clutches, the jewellery (I have nothing against gold haha). You look very good in that dress. It is a good thing I don’t live there.

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