Blog Loving. Part two.

A while ago I published a list of my top 11 favorite blog reads from that moment. 

I still love and read them, but there are so many great blogs out there, so here are 10 other favorite ones.

In random order:1. The Dainty Squid

Kaylah is an american, professional blogger. Her blog is about her adventures, about her photography and it also is a personal lifestyle blog, that publishes almost daily.

She is quite an eccentric person, with unusual, original tastes and hobbies. Her blog is quirky, as is she. 

You can see part of her sleeve tattoos.

Kaylah usually dyes her hair in vivid colors, has big, very personal tattoos over a large part of her body and is a true nail artist, as we can see regularly on her blog.

When I paint my nails, it looks at most acceptable/nice in an imperfect, messy  kinda way. Hers always look perfect to the millimeter; unbelievable how she does that!

Skulls, skeletons, teeth, maps, polka dots, roadtrips to silly roadside attractions, and photography (using film and toy cameras) are some of the reoccurring things on her blog. 

Some of her collections in her house.

Oh, and she adores her cats and her dog Klaus.

What I like about her blog, apart from the content, is the clean look of the site and the great pictures. Let’s say that the blog certainly is not hard on the eyes!

2. The Daily Puglet

This is not a daily blog; it publishes ‘only’ about 4 to 5 times a week. On the other days I really miss it!!

The blog is written from the perspective of Pug, supposedly a tough cookie. Small, but very masculine, focussed on bacon and a bit on the grumpy side. (In real life, as we can see in his educational videos, he seems a very smart, cute pug;-)).

On Fridays he reluctantly gives way to Dutch, the lighthearted Dalmatian, who is not afraid for emotions and for his femininity. And occasionally their neighbor puppy takes the stage.

The posts are usually short to extremely short, with one to maybe three or four pictures, but they are hilarious!

This blog is so funny and the angle is maintained so consistent and well executed that my admiration for the dogs’ human is huge!

They live in San Fransisco where it sometimes is butt-weather; hilarious. I’m not giving anything away. Go to the blog and find out more for yourself.

Please keep up the good work, Pug and Dutch; you make me laugh.

3. The Busy Mockingbird

This is a blog by and about american artist Mica Hendricks that turned into a blog about the creative process from and between her and her 4-year old daughter Myla.

The content is mainly the art made by mother and/or daughter. Especially the results of their collaborations have gone viral and became a huge success. 

I for one am a big fan and have a tote bag, two throw pillows, four mugs and two sets of postcards (printed by Society6) with their work. Love seeing (while drinking my coffee out of the mugs) the sketches every day!

Mica recently successfully gathered money via crowd funding to publish a book about this unique collaboration and art works.

She blogs about once a week, on average. Her posts are usually long with lots of great pictures.

Mica and her family, including two dogs, travel the world, following around her husband. Another member of the Everywherist-club, I would say, like Geraldine from the Everywherist and myself;-). 

4. Unbrave Girl

Brilliant blog title; just brilliant. Why didn’t I come up with that?!
Because me too, I am definitely an unbrave girl. Very. Unbrave.

She blogs once per week. 
Her blog has few pictures, but that is richly compensated by the enormous sense of humor of american Sally.  Man, can she write and can she make me laugh! 

Her genius subtitle alone: “Encouraging scaredy cats since 2009”. Priceless!

Don’t ask me what her blog is about, exactly. H*ll, better not ask HER what her blog is about, because I doubt that you will get a useful answer, if any.
What I CAN tell ya, is that there is a lot of food involved. And beer. And cats.

Further characteristics:  Sally has a head with lots of big, dark curls and she wears dark-framed glasses.

5. GalaDarling

Her beauty is of a surreal kind, only enhanced by the way she styles herself. Her pictures are just gorgeous, and so is she.

Tattoos, killer lipstick and hair as black as the night…she sure stands out! She is, as she claims herself: a writer, speaker and magic-maker from New Zealand, living in New York.

New posts appear about three to four times per week.

Her blog looks absolutely stunning and original, but neither she nor her blog are about looks alone. On the contrary: Gala got into Radical Self love at one point and is now a big advocate of that. She started the BlogAcademy with two friends and tours around to empower and educate women.

Looks like a gorgeous tat!

She designs jewelry and has her own family, including two dogs. Busy gal!

Gotta love her slogan: “Adorn yourself, adore your life”! I know I do;-).

6. The Everywhereist

Again: what a blog title! And why didn’t I come up with that?! Since I also am a sort of everywhereist, following my husband around, just like the american Geraldine does, who is the woman behind the Everywhereist.

Just like? No, not exactly. She travels way more then I do and to many more different destinations. 

The look of her blog is just beautiful and there is a lot of great and useful travel content there. 

She is very happy with her famous SEO-expert husband Rand and by now she is as famous and successful herself. Maybe not in an economical sense, since she is quite particular about keeping commerce away from her blog and thus not earning a cent from it, as she claims, but in terms of page views and exposure: yes, very successful indeed!

7. XO Sarah

Another highly original and unusual lady. Lots of tattoos, a circus artist and aerialist and a business, blogging and web designing expert.
Wow, this american lady from Detroit is one professional gal!

Her blog provides a lot of information, tips, tutorials and so on.

She also provides various services and products like ebooks that are very interesting for a blogger like me. 

8. The Bloggess

Does she still need an introduction? Is there anyone out there who pairs writing skills, an original mind and wacky sense of humor the way this woman does?! Unbelievable, Jenny Lawson is so funny!

Sketch by Angela Melick.

I can not even begin to explain what is so fantastic about this blog. Just go there and read some posts, and judge for yourself.

Ok, two examples. Look at the subtitle of her blog:”Like Mother Teresa, only better.” Who comes up with that??? So ridiculously funny!

Or what about her weekly round up: “Shit I did when I wasn’t here”. Green with envy!

Jenny blogs three to four times per week.

9. Girl with the flower

This girl started blogging at a very young age. Even today Zoe, from Nashville, Tenessee, is only 18 years old!

She began wearing self-made, quite eccentric headbands and got spotted in the streets where people practically wanted to buy them of her head. 
The blue and green lipsticks were there almost since the beginning.
She regularly dyes (a part of) her hair.

Her headbands, make-up and her whole style basically became more and more daring, quirky, eccentric and over-the-top. I love it!!!

Her blogposts appear on average about once per week and consist mainly of pictures of herself. It’s a LookBook, a personal style blog.

Her dorm room; how cool!

10. Lara Lizard

30-Something, Finnish, married to a Japanese guy. Former DJ, owns a pet iguana, and has a totally unique style. Lots of vintage, and for the rest about anything goes, I would say. Lara sure is not afraid to stand out and to get noticed! At the moment her hair is quite bright pink and she looks good!

What I love about her and her blog is that she is totally real, honest and authentic. She does not like fake or bullshitting around.

What I also like about her blog, is that it is not just a fashion blog. She publishes regularly -about five times per week- and her posts not only have lots of pictures, but they also have substantial text and depth. She can be serious, personal, passionate, funny, superficial, goofing around. Just what she feels and is at any given moment.

Her having a pet iguana is not a gimmick. She truly loves this animal a lot and they appear to have a real bond.

All in all, her blog is really interesting and entertaining. And she seems a nice person on top of it all.
Yes, I genuinely like this girl!

Well, this is my list, dear readers; 10 remarkable, talented women. 

Most of them, if not all, are quite a bit younger then me. At least half of them have hair in crazy colors, serious tattoos and/or piercings and have a quite unusual style and taste.

Although I do not have any tattoos myself, I do appreciate it on others. Not the obligatory tiny butterfly or the fashionable ‘ass-antlers’, but the ones that are really artistic with cool colors and a highly personal design, yes, I love and admire those on others.
The same goes for blue or pink hair and extreme fashion. I do not have the guts for that, probably also not the age and body (anymore), but I LOVE it on others.

What else? 

Many bloggers on this list have pets, like cats, dogs and even an iguana that they adore.
Others stand out through a fantastic sense of humor. And then there is art, writing skills and blogging expertise.

I’m anxious to hear what you think of these bloggers. Did you already know them? Anyones in particular that you like?

Most of the bloggers on this list gave me permission to use some pictures from their blog. None of the pictures are mine or taken by me.


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    Wow – we actually have some common fave reads :). I do like all of the blogs you shared, and also – you wrote about DJ and me in such a lovely way :) <3 Thank you :) <3

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