What is there to see and do in Haarlem?

The other day someone asked me why I am blogging about India, while being in the Netherlands at the moment…don’t I find Haarlem interesting enough to photograph and blog about?

The answer is: ofcourse Haarlem and Holland are beautiful as well !  I just want to continue with and finish my India series, while the memories are still relatively fresh;-).

While you can expect a few more posts about my past months in India, today I show you some pictures of things that make me happy in Haarlem:

A cat amidst the shoes on a shelve in one of my favorite thrift stores in Haarlem: Charity by Carla Koster, at the Botermarkt.

Raindrops on a leaf in my neighbourhood.

And raindrops on a flowerbud during a neighbourhood stroll.


Beerbrewery in  a grand-cafe, housed in a former church: the Jopenkerk. 

Murals around the City Hall, advertising for one of my favorite yearly art events of Haarlem: the Kunstlijn.
Very funny mural. It is placed where you can stall your bike, a cycle shed, showing an inviting  bike thief.

The lady who owns this shop, has used images and clippings that she collected for years, to decorate the wooden frame around her shopwindows and shop door. She glued them, as a collage, and used a special varnish after that. Gorgeous, gorgeous! Shop: La Coquille in the Schagchelstraat.

A band playing in the streets of the city centre.

Several friends in Haarlem are artists or ‘into arts’, which makes it extra nice for me to visit art events like the yearly Kunstlijn weekend.

Jewelry, part of an art exhibition in the Kloostergangen in 2011, Sieraad, curated by a friend of mine, Marion Reulen.

Beautiful series of pictures, by Vesna Zuring. Part of the same exhibition as above, featuring the jewelry that was on display.

Kunstlijn 2011, with it’s symbol and icon, the doggy, painted by my friend Rogier Polman, a highly original artist and graphic designer.

Art works, Kunstlijn 2012, HRLM building. HRLM is a free glossy about Haarlem. Work by Ap Esenbrink, an artist who works a lot with waste materials.

Giant art work, City Hall, by Alet Pilon.
Strange, but fascinating. A fox?, with a head of woolen balls? Sculpture made of rope by Caroline de Bruijn.

Art by -and at the house of- friends of mine, Marieke and Jankees Eekman.
Fantastic needle art, by my friend Luus Willems, artist and illustrator.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. For me this means that it is up to yourself  to want to see and find the beauty around you. In everyday things as well as in the extraordinary. In India as well as ‘at home’ in Haarlem.

This post may give the impression that or Haarlem or me is mainly about art. That is not the case. There is more to this town and to me then that. Future posts about Haarlem will show you other aspects. Easy, because Haarlem is a charming town!


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