Udaipur’s animals

My most recent post about Udaipur featured it’s colorful women. In today’s post I’d like to share with you some of my animal pictures, taken when wandering through Udaipur’s streets.

The number of cows, oxen, bulls, donkeys and camels is enormous. There are many dogs as well, but I only show you a tiny, pet puppy, named Tutti. And the adorned horses are used at weddings and other important ceremonies. Here they come:

Apparently, these men and their horses are for hire for weddings and other ceremonies.

As you can see, these animals all stroll through the narrow streets and the busy traffic, even right in the heart of the city. For us westerners an unusual sight and often totally overwhelming.

Also notice the audio-car behind the donkey. Silver-guilded vehicles like this one can be hired as a mobile sound system, to escort your parade etcetera. They can make incredibly loud noise!!!
Although a very common sight, the cows and bulls are huge and can be quite intimidating at times;-).
Proud granddad, little girl and her doggie Tutti.

In Holland we only see pets in the cities nowadays, and birds. No cows, camels or donkeys;-). 

Fortunately I have a lovely cat, Guust:

And later today I’m gonna meet a friend with a chihuahua….just to say that I get my daily dose of animal love here as well;-).

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