Lake Pichola, Udaipur

Udaipur lies along Lake Pichola, surrounded by mountains. In fact there are a few more lakes around.

If you look at my pictures, you will understand why it is sometimes compared to   cities like Venice and Amsterdam. With its buildings right at the waterfront and its bridges, islands and the boats….

Ofcourse there are differences too; I don’t think that in Amsterdam or Venice anyone in his right mind would go in the water to swim, play, wash or do their laundry! In Udaipur everybody does. It is very social and lively there at the waterfront, but I wonder if people get sick from the water….

Doesn’t it look gorgeous?

The City Palace as seen from one of the islands in the lake.
In the back we see our hotel: Chunda Palace Hotel.
In the old days, the Maharaja gave the land right on the waterfront to his nobles, protégées, etcetera. They built very nice houses there. Some are better preserved nowadays then others and many have been converted in hotels, guesthouses and restaurants.
At the waterfront it is very busy with people washing themselves, doing their laundry, swimming, playing, chatting and so on.
Ofcourse it are the women doing the laundry and the men socialising and washing themselves.
The children swim and play.
There are boats going from the city to the islands and back.
And at night you can have an al fresco dinner (with champagne;-)) on the waterfront and look at the city lights. Very pretty and romantic!

Have a nice day!

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