• Western antiques in Itaewon Antique Furniture Street
  • SG50 is almost here!
  • What to see and do in the Ice Museum Seoul

Western antiques in Itaewon Antique Furniture Street

Itaewon Antique Furniture Street Seoul |curlytraveller.com

Western antiques in Itaewon, Seoul It was strange to find a whole street (actually a few streets) with western antiques in Seoul. To be precise in Itaewon Antique Furniture Street. This specialized street was formed in the 1960’s when North American soldiers, stationed in Yangson, sold their furniture before returning to the States. Nowadays the […]

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SG50 is almost here!

Postcards about Singapore |curlytraveller.com

SG50 is almost here and I’m elsewhere… The big day for SG50 is almost here and I’m not gonna be there. Bummer! There’s a good reason for my absence: my parents celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary on the same day, so I’m going to be in Holland. Isn’t it special that they are happy with […]

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What to see and do in the Ice Museum Seoul

Frozen person in Ice Museum Seoul |curlytraveller.com

When we were in Seoul, we visited the highly entertaining Trick Eye Museum. I wrote a blog post about it with lots of funny pictures. In the same building, you can find the Ice Museum Seoul. It is the only permanent Ice Museum in the world. Read what people say about it on Tripadvisor here. […]

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Where to find street art in Newtown

Gorgeous murals in Newtown |curlytraveller.com

Like Melbourne is the epicentre of street art in Australia (sorry, Sydney, but … you’re on a well-deserved second place! Not bad either, is it?), Newtown is the epicentre for street art in Sydney.   In this hip, bohemian  suburb, (together with neighboring hoods St Peters, Erskineville, Enmore and Camperdown) you stumble upon the coolest […]

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My favourite street art in Sydney – part 1

Lettering in a mural in Sydneystreetartsydney

“My favorite street art in Sydney” sounds straightforward enough, doesn’t it? There is so much fantastic street art there though, that I found it hard to choose my favorites from the hundreds of street art pictures I took during my explorations. Anyway, I gave it my best and here is my first selection. (You can […]

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16 reasons to visit Singapore in 2015

Haji Lane, Singapore |curlytraveller.com

I love Singapore Since I arrived in Singapore 6 years ago, I’m in love with this city-state. People that don’t know Singapore, often have a negative idea about it, like that its only a bunch of shopping malls and skyscrapers, or they are at most sort of neutral/blank about it. I’m on a constant mission […]

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The thickest book of the century – 2500 dagen RuSt

one of the drawings in 2500 dagen rust |curlytraveller.com

Some months ago it was delivered at my doorstep: the thickest book of the century! Fifteen whole centimeters thick. 2500 pages. With 2500 drawings. A-ma-zing!!! “2500 dagen RuSt” is the result of a unique and ambitious project by artist Ruben Steeman (hence RuSt). For years he made one sketch a day (aka: a drawn diary) […]

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Why you should visit the Museum of Bags & Purses Amsterdam

Historic bags on display and stained glass skylight|curlytraveller.com

Three blogger-friends visit Amsterdam Last winter I finally got around to visit the Museum of Bags & Purses Amsterdam (in dutch: Tassen Museum or Tassenmuseum Hendrikje). It wasn’t the first Bag Museum that I visited. When I was in Seoul, South Korea, I stumbled upon the wonderful Simone Bag Museum, which you should definitely visit, if […]

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