• Selfie Sunday #5
  • Friday Favourites: movies and TV series
  • Is Bali still paradise?

Selfie Sunday #5

cats and dogs artwork

What have we here? It’s me again, folks! You knew that, I know, it is Selfie Sunday, duh! I am sitting on some steps in theatre The Esplanades (aka The Durian), surrounded by hundreds of cat and dog sculptures. Did I just land in heaven?! It was an art installation, titled: “In the affair of Cats [...]

Is Bali still paradise?

lounge beds beach Bali

Recently I stumbled upon a whole range of posts and articles on blogs, websites and in online newspapers about Bali and it’s reputation. For a long time the general consensus was that it was a paradise-perfect destination. Now, apparently the feelings are mixed, varying from those who are still ‘believers’ (in Bali) to dislikers and everything [...]

What makes a good fashion blogger?

woman with suitcase,

Remember that a month ago, while in Holland, we invited a fashion and lifestyle blogger over from Canada? We being Greetje from No Fear of Fashion, a fashion blog, Sylvia from 40plusstyle, a fashion website, and myself. Our guest was Suzanne from Suzanne Carillo Style Files. We had a blast, as you can see here, [...]

Mid-Autumn Festival @ The Gardens 2014

country lantern displays

Yesterday I took you for a stroll through Singapore’s Chinatown during Mid-Autumn Festival. That was nice, right?, with pretty lanterns and all. Today I am gonna show you the big work: Mid-Autumn Festival at Gardens by the Bay. I went there last night and it was…wow!

Travel Quote of the Day #1

lemons and limoncello

There it is; the first in a series of quotes! Mainly travel quotes, but also more general ‘life’ quotes. From time to time I will publish a quote here and explain wether I agree or not and what it means to me.

Selfie Sunday #4

woman on swing

Gooooood morning everyone! It’s sunday again; Selfie Sunday. #4. From the look of it, I’m swinging myself through the day;-).

Guest Appearances on other blogs

blog the great affair

Yesterday I received an email from Candace Rose Rardon, the famous and talented blogger/artist from The Great Affair. She informed me that (for the second year in a row), she included some of my Paper 53 sketches in her Summer Sketchbook 2014. Cool! I am so thankful and honored that she accepted my sketches. Be [...]