• Living in two countries
  • The storks of Marrakech
  • Where to stay in Marrakech – Riads

Living in two countries

dusk, left in Haarlem, right in Singapore |curlytraveller.com

Did you like my Throwback Travel Series about Marrakech, Morocco? I hope so! I loved going through my pictures from those sunny days, especially with the cold, rain and wind around me at the moment. Because the last couple of months I am/was in the Netherlands. Soon I am heading back to the warmth of my […]

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The storks of Marrakech


A remarkable phenomenon in Marrakech are it’s storks. You can see them and their huge nests all over the Medina of Marrakech. Storks as transformed humans The storks of Marrakech are considered to be holy animals. In the old days, the Berbers believed the storks to be transformed humans. To this day it is forbidden […]

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Where to stay in Marrakech – Riads

Red walls rooftop area Marrakech |curlytraveller.com

In Marrakech there is accommodation in abundance. According to Tripadvisor there are 465 hotels, 1084 B&B’s and Inns, and 191 Specialty Lodgings. That makes the question ‘Where to stay in Marrakech’ a tough one to answer. Many people choose for a riad. What is a riad? As always, choosing accommodation is very personal, depending on […]

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Moroccan architecture in Marrakech


Moroccan architecture and style elements Moroccan architecture has influences from Africa and Europe with Moorish and Islamic style elements. The architectural style is known for lavish gardens, extravagant geometrical decorations, elaborate use of deep and contrasting color. In Marrakech I was amazed and impressed by the intricate carvings in cedar wood, italian marble and stalactite-like […]

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Why you should visit Jardin Majorelle in Marrakech

Fountain near the entrance of Jardin Majorelle in Marrakech |curlytraveller.com

One of the must-visit places in Marrakech is the beautiful Jardin Majorelle. This exotic cactea garden was created about 75 years ago by Jacques Majorelle. He is also the one who chose the strong colors on the outer walls of the villa and pavilion in the garden. The vivid-cobalt-blue  reminded him of the colors of Africa and is […]

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Getting lost in the Medina of Marrakech

Medina of Marrakech |curlytraveller.com

When you mention Marrakech, Morrocco, many people instantly envision a fairytale experience and environment as in 1001 Arabian nights. Mysterious, exotic, colorful. And yes, Marrakech is all that. There is another, less nice side of Marrakech too, that I wrote about here, but I’m not going into that in this post. My review of the […]

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Highlight of Marrakech: Jemaa El Fna town square

beautiful light on Jemaa El Fna Marrakech | curlytraveller.com

Jemaa El Fna Town Square No visit to Marrakech would be complete without at least one visit to the famous, unique Jemaa El Fna town square. In the old days, this square was used for public executions and therefor also known as Dead Men’s Square. Fortunately those days are over and the square is nowadays […]

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Throwback Travel series: Marrakech

Jemaa El Fna with steam cloud at night |curlytraveller.com

In 2006 I felt for a vacation, but there was no-one who could join me. No problem, I decided to just go on my own. After all I had been around as a solo-female-traveler in European cities like Paris, London and Vienna and I had traveled alone in Australia. City trip to Marrakech Marrakech, Morocco, […]

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Happy New Year! May 2015 be a good one!

Happy new year wish |curlytraveller.com

It’s almost 2015, dear readers. Yay! I would like to wish each and every one of you all the best for the New Year. May all your dreams come true, may beautiful and cool music sound in your ears regularly and may you dance through life. Last but not least, I wish all of you happy […]

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Dreaming of Bali’s beautiful beaches and sunsets

sunset at bali |curlytraveller.com

It’s cold, wet, windy and grey here in the Netherlands. No, I’m not a winter-person. Living 6 months per year in hot Singapore makes it easier for me to endure the Dutch climate, but I cannot help my thoughts sometimes wandering off and dreaming of e.g. Bali’s beautiful beaches and sunsets.   Maybe it’s time […]

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