• And the winners are…. Results Curly Traveller Giveaway.
  • Motel Mexicola. Bali. Mexican kitsch galore.
  • Selfie Sunday #1

And the winners are…. Results Curly Traveller Giveaway.

handwritten cards

Tadadadadaaaaaa! The Curly Traveller Giveaway has ended. Rafflecopter has worked its magic and has chosen the winners. And the winners are……. ????? To see the entire list, please check the Curly Traveller Giveaway post. The results of the Curly Traveller Giveaway have been published in the widget at the end of that post. All the [...]

Motel Mexicola. Bali. Mexican kitsch galore.


Remember how I told you about Salty Seagull, a wonderfully kitschy restaurant in Seminyak, Bali? And how I immediately fell in love with that place?  Well, the people behind Salty Seagull have another restaurant in the same neighborhood, named Motel Mexicola, which I fell for equally hard and fast.  I am not going to repeat [...]

Selfie Sunday #1

purple red fashion in Haw Par Villa Singapore

Selfie Sunday is a new serie on the blog. Not perse every sunday, and not perse  a ‘real’ selfie (taken by myself). Weird definition of series and selfies you have, Curly! Yeah, I know;-). Let’s just say that you will find a picture of me here regularly on sundays. A picture with a story. Today we [...]

15 Cool hotels in Singapore

Marina Bay Sands Hotel Singapore

Today I am showing you 15 cool hotels in Singapore. When I am in Singapore, I stay in our own apartment, so I have not slept in any of these hotels. But I visited several of them for drinks, lunch or dinner. Some others I visited especially for this post. For the rest I  based myself [...]

How to get around in Singapore

River cruise on the Singapore river

When you visit the Lion City for the first time, you may wonder how to get around in Singapore. Good news! Like many things in Singapore, transportation is well organized, good and easy. Super easy even and stress free. And surprise: unlike everything else in Singapore, getting around in Singapore is very affordable;-). As long as you [...]

When is the best time to visit Singapore


People often ask me: “When is the best time to visit Singapore?” The short answer is: anytime, due to it’s same weather all year round: hot and sticky. But if we talk about the best time to visit Singapore weather wise, there are some small nuances to be made: february is supposed to be the driest [...]

Curly Traveller Giveaway

Heels Diva and 40plusstyle

Today’s the day; Curly Traveller gives stuff away! In yesterday’s post  I introduced my sponsors and their products: – 2 x 2 Shoe Accessories of your choice, from the brilliant company Heels Diva, – 2 x 2 e-books (style guides), by the successful fashion blogger Sylvia from 40+Style, - 18 pieces of jewelry by me, – and [...]

Curly Traveller Giveaway. Prizes and sponsors.

Red floral brooch.

Tomorrow is the big day, peeps! The Curly Traveller Giveaway; woohoo! Today I ‘m introducing the prizes and sponsors to you. The first sponsor  is Heels Diva, run by Celeste Tee. This company sells shoe accessories and the concept is just brilliant. I am a huge fan, not only because I adore accessories, but also because I [...]

The 10 best events and festivals I attended


Costumes, lights, glitter and glitz, colors, music and dance, yes, I love a good event, parade, carnival or festival! Events that are more cultural defined, centered around traditions and rituals, also fascinate me. Living in Singapore gives me ample opportunities to catch events and festivals of all sorts. The different ethnicities all have their own [...]

14 sites and sights that impressed me the most


Whenever I go through my photo archives from the past five years, it is a bit overwhelming. We did and saw so much! Making all the list posts for Curly Traveller’s Blogiversary was therefor quite hard; very difficult to choose.  Thinking about sites and sights that made a big impression on me, I came up with [...]