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  • Don’t miss Chingay 2015
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TipoTango – Argentine Tango in Eindhoven

Scala tangosalon Eindhoven |curlytraveller.com

Blog series about Eindhoven Over the last weeks I have brought  you a complete series about Eindhoven, Hollands fifth largest city, located in the south of the country. I wrote about what to see and do, where to sleep, shop, eat and drink and about art in Eindhoven. Further I visited hip and happening Strijp-R and […]

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Don’t miss Chingay 2015

Float at Chingay Singapore |curlytraveller.com

The yearly Chingay Parade is one of my favorite festivals in Singapore. I wrote about it  here and here. Do check out these posts, since they have tons of fantastic pictures; all colorful and happy! We Love SG This year it is going to be extra special, thanks to the celebrations of SG50; the country’s […]

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Shopping in Eindhoven

Piazza Center Eindhoven |curlytraveller.com

Where to go shopping in Eindhoven You can go shopping in Eindhoven in several areas/districts. The three main ones are: 1. the city centre: check out Onigiri, Sissy Boy (in the Blob), and Polare Bookstore , to name just a few shops in that area. Well, not ‘just’, these are shops that I like ;-). Besides that, of […]

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Strijp-R Eindhoven Piet Hein Eek

plywood stools piet hein eek |curlytraveller.com

What is Strijp-R in Eindhoven Strijp-S is a well-known hipster-haven in one of Eindhoven’s former factory neighborhoods. Strijp-R, the name of the neighboring area, is less known, but everybody knows it’s main attraction: the huge terrain of Piet Hein Eek, one of Holland’s most famous designers.   I knew of him and of his work […]

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Happy Chinese New Year 2015 – Year of the Goat

goat sketch for chinese new year 2015 |curlytraveller.com

Happy Chinese New Year, dear readers! Gong Xi Fa Cai! It’s the Year of the Goat, so I sketched some goats for the occasion. Truth be told; before you start thinking that I’m a natural in goat drawings, think again. Here’s my secret: there are how-to-wiki’s about drawing goats! Seriously, I’m not kidding. Follow the […]

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Musea and art in Eindhoven

Street art Eindhoven birds |curlytraveller.com

Musea and art in Eindhoven Due to Eindhoven’s historic connection with lightbulb and electronics producer Philips, truck-manufacturer DAF,  and the city’s Design Academy, the High Tech Campus and the Eindhoven University of Technology, there are several musea and galleries linked to those institutions and fields. I compiled the following list for you: The Philips Museum  […]

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Valentine’s Day – a perfect day for love locks

Love-locks in Singapore |curlytraveller.com

Valentine’s day Happy Valentine’s Day, everybody! I hope that, unlike myself, you are together with your significant other, the love of your life, your love-object. And hi, honey, we will be reunited soon and have our own romantic get-together then, ok? Attaching your own love lock for Valentine’s Day But enough about me/us and back […]

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Things to do and see in Strijp-S in Eindhoven

Yksi Strijp-S Eindhoven |curlytraveller.com

What is Strijp-S? Strijp-S is one of the former factory areas of Philips, Holland’s famous light bulbs and electronics producer. At the moment the vibrant heart of Strijp-S lies in and around the buildings along the Torenallee. Since some years, the neighborhood is under development and turned into a creative, cultural hotspot. It is the location […]

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Where to eat and drink in Eindhoven

retro fondue restaurant eindhoven |curlytraveller.com

Eindhoven is filled with nice bars, cafes, coffee places and restaurants. Whatever your taste, style or budget is, you will surely find a place that matches your food and beverage desires and needs. AND your budget;-). So where to eat and drink in Eindhoven These are the restaurants and coffeeshops that I visited -and liked-: Grand Cafe […]

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