• Sydney’s Terraced Houses – Verandas and Filigree ornaments
  • 10 Tips to make the most of your visit to Sydney’s Royal Botanic Garden
  • Sydney Opera House – a photogenic landmark

Sydney’s Terraced Houses – Verandas and Filigree ornaments

filigree house sydney |curlytraveller.com

Besides buildings from the British colonial era, Sydney’s architectural highlights are the so called Terraced Houses. Sydney’s Charming Terraced Houses What should you think of when I say: Terraced Houses Sydney? Well, literally they are just attached houses, built in a row. But in Sydney, one usually refers to the much sought-after heritage, terraced, filigree houses. These houses […]

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Sydney Opera House – a photogenic landmark

Sydney Opera House |curlytraveller.com

THE iconic landmark of Sydney is of course the famous and beautiful Sydney Opera House. The spectacular architecture of the building is a must-see for everyone who visits Sydney. The architect is the Danish Utzon. He said the design was inspired by the simple act of peeling an orange. The 14 shells of the building, […]

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The best maps and information to explore Sydney

urbanwalkabout maps |curlytraveller.com

Maybe you’re one of those people who never use maps or guidebooks. Not to prepare for a citytrip nor during a citytrip. Good for you! Feel free to skip this post right now. For everyone else, allow me to share my tips and secrets with you. Here are the best maps and information to explore […]

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The Bearded Tit – Sydney’s quirkiest bar

deer with flowers |curlytraveller.com

While exploring Redfern, we stumbled upon the most unusual, bizar, cool and quirky bar: The Bearded Tit, named after a song bird with that name. They (cl-)aim to be more than just a bar. The Bearded Tit wants to be a Happy Place, an Art Gallery and a Creative Space for artists and creative people. […]

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Holy Kitsch – the quirkiest shop in Sydney

pimped rikshaw in Surry Hills Sydney |curlytraveller.com

Did you know that I’m into kitsch? Especially religious kitsch, like Maria’s and other saints? Well, I am. My living room is like a museum of kitsch. It may look like random nonsense to some, but there IS order in it, like all the religious imagery is in frames on one wall. Frida Kahlo is […]

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The funniest thing I saw in Sydney

sign of restaurant Thai Me Up Darlinghurst Sydney |curlytraveller.com

Exploring neighbourhoods is one of my favourite pastimes. One day (in Sydney) I chose Darlinghurst to stroll around in. A lovely area filled with art deco architecture, especially from the late Modernism era. Mixed with terraced houses. There are lots of cafes, eateries, bars and shops. Here and there I sat down for a delicious […]

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25 things you did not know about Sydney

stairs in Woolloomooloo Sydney |curlytraveller.com

Personally I always like to find out some particulars and peculiars about a city. Factual and subjective, relevant and useless, it’s all interesting for me. Here are 25 things you did not know about Sydney: 1. In Sydney, like in the whole of Australia, it’s all about sports (cricket and rugby in particular) and not […]

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Top 5 things to see and do in Sydney

Sydney Harbour |curlytraveller.com

We’re in Sydney now, for three whole weeks! Frits goes to the office every weekday, while I have this whole period to explore Sydney. I know, I’m one lucky gal! Now I’m not a first-timer, having visited Sydney on three other occasions. (Read more about those visits here, here and here.) That means, that I […]

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