• Selfie Sunday #6 – Hello Halloween!
  • What I wore  – #OOTD – Fit for Fashion media event
  • Singapore’s Best Kept Secret – Haw Par Villa

Selfie Sunday #6 – Hello Halloween!

Halloween costume

Halloween 2014 is coming up! Are you excited? I am! I just love dressing up and seeing others in crazy outfits and Halloween is a great occasion for that. So I say: “Hello Halloween!”   This picture was taken a few years ago in Singapore, during the one and only time that I celebrated Halloween. [...]

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What I wore – #OOTD – Fit for Fashion media event

what I wore | curlytraveller.com

“So you are into fitness, right? What sort of workout do you do?” , Jerald and Ming asked. “Whoh, stop right there! No,no, I hate sports!”, I replied in a -typically Dutch-  kinda blunt way. They looked surprised. “But you like reality TV, correct?”, they tried, with hopeful faces. Unfortunately I had to disappoint them again, [...]

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Singapore’s Best Kept Secret – Haw Par Villa

Kissing couple sculpture Haw Par Villa

Since I first stumbled upon Haw Par Villa, also called Tiger Balm Gardens, I am totally fascinated by this place. The fact that it is not all polished up, like many places in Singapore, plus that it often is empty, adds enormously to it’s appeal. It feels like having discovered Singapore’s best kept secret. Walking [...]

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Jalan Besar. Singapore’s newest hipster hood

jalan besar 27

When I arrived in Singapore in 2009, Haji Lane was The Place To Be for Hipsters like myself. “Hah…hipster? You?”.  Yeah, you heard me; one can be ‘older’ yet still cool and hip, if I may say so myself. I guess I better say so myself, since not many others may speak on my behalf. Although [...]

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The ultimate guide for street art in Singapore

Indian man mural

Being a huge fan of street art, I have thousands of pictures in my archives, that I took from hundreds of street art works, in dozens of cities/countries. Also in Singapore I am always on the lookout for street art. Like there are plane spotters, bird spotters and wildlife spotters, I am a street art [...]

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Traditional Bali

bamboo decorations

Hinduism plays a big role in Balinese culture and traditions. So does animism. Despite all modernizations on Bali, ancient traditions are still omnipresent in daily life, everywhere on the island. Traditional Bali still exists.

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Sand sculpture festival Zandvoort

sand sculpture tango

Since beginning of august there are beautiful sand sculptures to be admired in Zandvoort, a beach town in the Netherlands. The sculptures are part of the European Championship Sand Sculpture Festival Zandvoort  2014.  

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Selfie Sunday #5 – Cats and Dogs at the Esplanades

cats and dogs artwork

What have we here? It’s me again, folks! You knew that, I know, it is Selfie Sunday, duh! I am sitting on some steps in theatre The Esplanades (aka The Durian), surrounded by hundreds of cat and dog sculptures. Did I just land in heaven?! It was an art installation, titled: “In the affair of Cats [...]

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