• Children Little Museum. Singapore.
  • Junkie’s Corner. Antiques and junk in the jungle.
  • Digital Media City Seoul. Architecture, art and media.

Children Little Museum. Singapore.


A while ago I told you about my visit to Singapore’s Children Little Museum.  Tiny nostalgic booth at shopfront. Even the prices of the items in that booth are vintage;-) At the end of that post I mentioned that I intended to revisit the place in order to check out the second floor, which hosts [...]

Junkie’s Corner. Antiques and junk in the jungle.


When my friend Sabine suggested we’d go and check out Junkie’s Corner, ‘some sort of antiques and vintage shop’, I had no idea of the place we were about to discover. First of all the ‘store’ is quite hard to find, since the address, 2 Turf Club Road, is more of an indication then a real address, [...]

Digital Media City Seoul. Architecture, art and media.


The first time we went to Seoul, we stayed on the ‘other side’ of the river in the Conrad hotel in the IFC. Right next to Frits’ work, but far from all the attractions.  Not really a problem, since the subway is connected, as is a huge shopping mall with ample F&B options. The hotel itself is [...]

Salty Seagull. Bali. Crabs and ribs, quirk and kitsch.


When we stumbled upon restaurant Salty Seagull in Seminyak, I thought I’d died and gone to heaven.  This colorful and playful street side front drew me right in. It is a big place, indoor and outdoors. It happens to me from time to time, that I come across a house, a restaurant, a hotel, a place, [...]

Burgers and Beef. &MADE versus Lawry’s.


Since we moved to the Beaumont,  we do more cooking then we did at the Sail. That’s easy, since at the Sail we did no cooking at all;-). Strangely enough, going to a food court (aka very basic, local food, simple tables and stools, no glitz or glam, but fine food) is way cheaper then home-cooking. [...]

Pasarbella Market. Singapore’s coolest Farmer’s Market.


It’s pretty far out, but well worth the trip; Pasarbella Market at Turf Club Road is one cool place! It is a farmer’s market, filled with delicious F&B outlets and high quality groceries.  I love the cosy ambiance with all the corners and nooks and decorations! Obviously you can go there to shop for gourmet [...]

Ihwa-Dong Mural village


As I stated before, Seoul has lots of street art.  One neighborhood that is really filled with street art is Ihwa-Dong. Ihwa-Dong is a small area near Daehangro, placed against a steep hill. It used to be a sad, neglected neighborhood, until the government decided -in 2006- to give the area a boost via an art [...]

Paper53. Free work.


This is my fifth post in the Paper53 series.  Number one has sketched selfies, the second one shows my sketches of celebs, the third one has portraits of my friends  and the fourth one is about  illustrating for a style-blog. Today I show you: Doodling. Fantasy. Freestyle. I find it not easy to get rid of my inner censor. It’s really [...]

A walk through Insa-dong, Seoul.


Insa-dong is a neighborhood in Jongno-Gu in the heart of Seoul. Upon arrival, in the subway station a large wall is filled with art tiles. Some of them are done by artists, others by citizens. A very cool co-production! The area itself is known as a cultural hub, with lots of galleries, and traditional Korean culture in [...]

Hello Kampong Glam, bye bye Haji Lane.


Haji Lane is often referred to as the coolest street in Singapore.  And indeed, it is very cool with it’s charming shophouses and colorful facades. All the tiny boutiques and F&B establishments are lovely. Not to mention the murals in various places. So yes, I love Haji Lane. But truth be told, Haji Lane is kinda [...]